AnimaPoint’s 1st birthday

Yesterday we celebrated AnimaPoint’s 1st birthday – yep, with a proper birthday cake! The first year has been full of work and colourful moments filled with animation and great people.

Yoki Chin (AnimaPoint's President) and Jani Kuronen (CTO and Executive Producer of AnimaPoint / Founder of animation studio Anima Vitae)

AnimaPoint was kickstarted in June 2013 – half a year earlier than initially planned. In the beginning Anima’s founder Jani Kuronen and animation supervisor Luca Bruno were setting up the new studio’s production pipeline. The first project was service work for Trixter for the 3D feature film “The 7th Dwarf.

AnimaPoint was officially announced in MipCom 2013 where we also announced to be part of the feature animation project Hugo – The World’s Worst Comeback, the main producers of which are Finnish Anima Vitae and Danish Einstein Film.

The first half a year we concentrated on research, setup and recruiting. We got plenty of applications and chose the most talented artists and technicians to join our team. At the moment AnimaPoint’s team size is 31.


In the very beginning AnimaPoint was temporarily located in Point College’s building. It was a natural place for us stay at first because we are in close partnership with Point College’s animation department. In December 2013 AnimaPoint’s brand new studio apartment was ready to move in.

AnimaPoint_studio__730px AnimaPoint_studio_lobby_730px

We are proud of our first year and grateful to have an opportunity to work in a brand new studio surrounded with super-talented and fun people. Thank you for all your support and remember to stay tuned! We have some pretty exciting announcements ahead.

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