Hugo to Cartoon Movie 2014

Hugo – The World’s Worst Comeback” got selected to Cartoon Movie 2014. The pitching event will be held in the begin of March in the beautiful Lyon, France.

Hugo was a sensation in the 90s and it became the number one family entertainment game show on national TV in 40 countries. Watched by over 400 million people. In 2011 the first Hugo mobile app was published by Hugo Games Company. Since that the Hugo apps have been a huge hit all over the world. Now it’s time to bring Hugo to the big screen. Here is the synopsis for the movie.

A former TV-game show star, Hugo, now a hotel janitor and a single dad, gets lured into a comeback. His daughter, first enthralled by a celeb-dad, soon finds herself abandoned and to get her dad back home enters Hugo’s new show. Meanwhile Hugo’s old archenemy, the mountain troll Fredo, steals Hugo’s place in the show. Hugo’s daughter ends up fighting the raging mountain troll disguised as her dad on live TV, forcing Hugo to his ultimate quest: how to get rid of fame and save his daughter.

Cartoon Movie is a great event to meet investors and distributors of feature-length animation films. So thumbs up!

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