Little Dudesons

Little Dudesons is a co-production between Anima Vitae & Rabbit Films.

Four best friends, Little Dudesons, have gotten bored with the adult world’s principles and they decide to solve everyday chores with their hilarious imaginative gags and insightful tricks. Well-intentioned Little Dudesons cannot always foresee the possible disastrous consequences of their boredom averting gags. The strike against boredom has begun!

The Little Dudesons is a fictional animation version based on Rabbit Films’ famous, worldwide hit TV phenomenon, “The Dudesons”. The Dudesons action-comedy series about four real-life pranksters has already aired in over 150 countries for four full seasons. The Dudesons have also conquered the US with the MusicTV’s “Dudesons In America” TV-series! The Dudesons have a huge fanbase in their social media channels with over 800 000 Facebook fans and 125 000 Youtube subscribers. Rabbit Film interacts with The Dudesons fans constantly.

In the development of Little Dudesons Anima and Rabbit Films are keeping the positive anarchy of Dudesons. Adding some fresh and colorful animation style into the concept brings special flavour into tricks and pranks to entertain the families’ younger kids.

Little Dudesons concept got selected into the European biggest animation co-production forum, Cartoon Forum 2013.

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